Russian Maoist Party extends condolences on the passing away of Comrade Joma Sison


Dear comrades,

On behalf of Russian Maoist Party (RMP) we would like to offer our condolences on passing away of comrade Joma Sison, the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

The importance of com. Sison cannot be overestimated. He was a key person in re-establishing of the CPP and launching the people’s war in the Philippines in 1960s. Despite suffering torture and spending many years in prison, the will of Sison and his shrewd mind were not broken and after his release he re-joined the revolutionary movement and played again a key role in the rectification movement in the CPP in 1990s which saved the communist movement from revisionism and subsequent liquidation.

The theoretical contributions of com. Sison to the theory of MLM are many. Sison gave an excellent example of applying Marxism to concrete conditions of the Philippines in his book “The Philippine society and revolution”. Com. Sison always stressed the importance of mass line and united front as key tools of the revolutionary party in achieving unity with broad masses of the people. The firm stand of com. Sison against revisionism helped the genuine communists to reorganise themselves twice, in 1960s and 1990s. And last but not least, com. Sison was among those who formulated MLM as a new stage in developing of Marxism in 1980s.

The continuous Philippine revolution and teachings of com. Sison serve as an example and inspiration to us, Russian communists, who are trying to rebuild the revolutionary movement from the ashes, and to genuine communists and revolutionaries throughout the world.

Russian Maoist Party extends condolences on the passing away of Comrade Joma Sison