NDFP celebrates 51st anniversary

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The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), together with allied organizations and the entire revolutionary movement in the Philippines and overseas, celebrated its 51st anniversary on April 24. Various types of activities were conducted to commemorate the anniversary. A week of commemorating revolutionary martyrs was also held on April 17-April 23.

“We extend militant greetings to the NDFP allied organizations, especially to the fighting Filipino masses whose unwavering spirit and determination to achieve genuine national liberation and democracy serve as the eternal wellspring of our revolutionary strength,” said Ka Louie Jalandoni, Chief International Representative of the NDFP.

In statements, the allied organizations of the NDFP extended warm congratulations on the anniversary. NDFP consists of 18 organizations. Some of the regional NDFP chapters also expressed solidarity.

The Communist Party of the Philippines also greeted the NDFP and said, amid unprecedented corruption, fascism and subservience of the Marcos regime to US imperialism, there is even greater urgency to strengthen and expand the NDFP and its allied organizations.

In Europe, members of Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland (AIAI), painted slogans and gathered in April.

They painted the words “VIVA CPP-NPA-NDF” on walls in several cities in Ireland and unfurled the NDFP flag in their protests and actions. They carried out solidarity activities in Wicklow, Dublin, Galway, and Waterford in Ireland.

Meanwhile, Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS)-Vancouver in Canada put up a mural to celebrate the anniversary of the NDFP. FFPS also released a new song for the anniversary titled “Celebrate the NDF!”

NDFP celebrates 51st anniversary