NPA-Negros responds to the victims of Mt. Kanlaon eruption

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UNITS AND COMMANDS under the New People’s Army (NPA)-Negros Island (Apolinario Gatmaitan Command) were mobilized to support and help the Negrosanon masses affected by the Mt. Kanlaon eruption. It erupted on June 3 and communities in Central Negros experienced lahar torrents from the volcano on June 6 as a result of heavy rains that mixed with volcanic ash.

The Kanlaon Volcano eruption doubled the suffering of the Negrosanon people as they have yet to recover from the drought during El Niño.

Reports said as many as 15,511 families (nearly 50,000 people) in 23 barangays were affected by the volcanic eruption on June 18. The damage to the agricultural sector is estimated to reach ₱10 million.

Instead of concrete and legitimate assistance, the Marcos Jr regime merely carried out performative acts of giving unsustainable aid for politicking and military propaganda. Amid the calamity, the 303rd IBde declared that it would not relax its combat operations in the affected communities. On several occasions, the military even used “assistance and aid distribution” for counterinsurgency campaigns and forced the “surrender” of civilians.

NPA-Negros responds to the victims of Mt. Kanlaon eruption