10th ID indiscriminately shells Bukidnon

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Troops of the 10th ID again fired artillery bombs in Valencia City, Bukidnon yesterday, March 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The AFP fired at least 18 bombs using 105 howitzers stationed in Sityo Bulakaw, Barangay Concepcion in the said city.

The New People’s Army in the province said there was no encounter between the AFP in the area during that time.

“The AFP fired at all directions,” said Ka Malem Mabini, NPA spokesperson in North Central Mindanao. He said, as in previous shellings and bombings, its only purpose is to terrorize the people who persevere to support the people’s army.

“These fascists terrorist attacks are part of their focused military operation against the guerrilla fronts in Bukidnon to clear the way for the mines and expansion of multinational plantations in San Fernando, Quezon and Valencia City in Bukidnon and these provinces,” said Ka Malem.

This March, the AFP again announced a “deadline” to defeat NPA units in guerrilla areas by the end of March, all “vertical units” of the army by the end of June and the entire NPA by the end of 2024. The new time limit was announced two months after the last “deadline” of defeating the revolutionary movement at the end of 2023, and almost every year before that.

AB: 10th ID indiscriminately shells Bukidnon