6 activists arrested during the protest on May 1 posts bail

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Six youth activists who were arrested by the police during the protest on May 1, International Labor Day, were released on the evening of May 7. They were detained for a week on charges of illegal assembly (violation of Batas Pambansa 880), direct assault, disobedience and malicious mischief.

They were temporarily released after posting bail of ₱42,000 each (₱6,000 for illegal assembly and ₱36,000 for direct assault) or a total of ₱252,000 for the six.

Despite the release of Mayo Uno 6, youth and human rights groups are dismayed by the slow and what they say is a deliberate delay in the processing of the case and petition for bail of the victims. As early as May 3, the lawyers of the victims filed a petition for bail but the court heard it only on May 6.

Anakbayan said they were glad at the release of the six young activists. “This success is due to the collective clamor and action of the youth and other sectors for the freedom of six,” according to the group. Various organizations carried out successive actions that called for the freedom of the six at the headquarters of the Manila Police District.

“Despite the Mayo Uno 6’s freedom, the fascist Philippine National Police and NCRPO are still not held accountable for the violent dispersal and illegal arrest [of the victims],” according to the group. On May 6 evening, human rights groups announced in a media briefing at the University of the Philippines (UP) Manila that they plan to file counter-charges against police elements involved in the violent dismantling of the protest.

Kilusang Mayo Uno called for the immediate dismissal of what it called fabricated charges against the six activists. “Hold accountable the prosecutors and police who trampled on the rights of Mayo Uno 6. Stop the laws and bills that prevent people from fighting for their rights,” the group said.

The six, who are UP students and from Anakbayan-South Caloocan, were violently arrested near the US embassy following a march with different sectors to condemn the Marcos regime’s servility to US imperialism. They specifically condemned the ongoing Balikatan 39-24 or war games by the military forces of the US and the Philippines from April 22 to May 10 and the planned charter change.

AB: 6 activists arrested during the protest on May 1 posts bail