AFP's terrorism in Aurora continues

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The people of Aurora despise the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for its terrorist ongoing combat operation since the past month. Since May 20, its operations have been relentless in the barangays of Maria Aurora and Dipaculao. They camped in barangay halls and schools in the middle of the civilian population, in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

To stay in the communities, the AFP is using as excuse the few minutes of battles it encountered with the New People’s Army (NPA)-Aurora on May 20, 21 and 28.

They are now camped at the day care centers, barangay halls and schools of barangay Wenceslao, San Joaquin, Baubo, Bazal, Diaat, and Cadayan, in Maria Aurora, and in Diamanin, Toytoyan, Puangi, and Salay in Dipaculao. They rebuilt the CAFGU camp in Dibutunan, Dipaculao. Even the coastal villages and plains of San Luis were also garrisoned by fascist soldiers.

Soldiers and police also forcibly summon residents relentlessly. The masses were forbidden to go to the mountains, or to their farms outside the village. The soldiers even attempted to distribute “stubs” in exchange for food aid of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. They use these to obtain personal details and mobile phone numbers of residents for their intelligence.

Soldiers also drag civilians in their combat operations to serve as guides. “We cannot refuse. They said they are assured the NPA will not ambush them if they are accompanied by a civilian,” a barangay tanod shared when interviewed by Pulang Silangan, a revolutionary mass newspaper in East Central Luzon.

Residents also complain about the disorder brought by the soldiers. They lead in drunkenness, insult women and the elderly, intimidate, and accuse civilians of various charges.

AB: AFP's terrorism in Aurora continues