Balikatan 2024: Dangerous show off that only serves US objectives—GWP

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Rep. Arlene Brosas, representative of the Gabriela Women’s Party, warned yesterday against the Balikatan 2024 and planned testing of a missile defense system similar to Israel’s.

“A dangerous and unnecessary show of force that serves only the US objective to deploy more of its military equipment and troops in the West Philippine Sea and other parts of the country.” This will allow the US to turn the country into a playground for war. “This is not how sovereignty is defended,” she said.

Balikatan 2024 is scheduled to be held in Batanes near Taiwan, and in Palawan where China has illegally built military structures.

Brosas says the US deployment of more troops in the name of Balikatan 2024 will justify China also increasing its facilities and presence in its illegally claimed territories.

“The cycle of strengthening the military presence of the two sides… will bring the Filipinos closer to the brink of war,” he said.

By testing the newly purchased air missile defense system from Israel, the Marcos regime is openly condoning Israel’s bloody genocide in Gaza, she added. This genocidal campaign is funded and armed by the US itself.

The GWP also warned against an increase in sexual violence and prostitution in communities where at least 11,000 US military troops will be stationed. In the past, Filipino women and members of the LGBTQIA have been victims of sexual violence, rape and even death in the hands of Americans in these areas.

The lawmaker also warned of the impending dislocation of farmers and fishermen, especially in areas where live-fire exercises are conducted.

AB: Balikatan 2024: Dangerous show off that only serves US objectives—GWP