CPP leadership issues call to consolidate and strengthen the Party


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines today issued its message on the occasion of its 54th anniversary calling on its ranks to consolidate and strengthen, fight state terrorism under the US-Marcos regime and carry forward the people’s democratic revolution.

Extraordinary tribute to Ka Joma

The message paid “extraordinary tribute” to the CPP’s founding chairman Jose Maria Sison who passed away ten days before the CPP anniversary. It said Sison “bequeathed (a) treasure trove of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist work in which his immortal revolutionary spirit will forever live to guide the next generation of Party cadres to greater heights.”

The CPP leadership earlier declared a 10-day period of mourning and directed all units of the New People’s Army to conduct a 21-gun salute.

Anticipated crisis

The CPP Central Committee presented an assessment of both the international and local situation, which it said is marked by “prolonged stagnation and economic decline, deteriorating socioeconomic conditions, rise of fascism and state terrorism, and increasing threats of interimperialist wars.”

Its annual message said the anticipated recessions in global economy towards next year will further deepen the crisis of the Philippine economy and cause further deterioration of the people’s socioeconomic conditions.

The message criticized the Marcos government for making “blusterous and baseless promises of economic revival to lull the restless masses.” It denounced the priorities of the Marcos regime favoring foreign investors over the needs of the broad masses of the people.

It said conditions are “extremely favorable” for the CPP to carry forward the revolutionary movement, as people are becoming increasingly restive amid rising prices, low wages, and widespread rural dislocation due to the expansion of mining operations, plantations and other foreign-owned big business operations.

Kleptocratic Marcos clique

The CPP leadership said the ruling Marcos regime is widely detested by the people for its utter disregard of the conditions of the masses and its refusal to heed the urgent demands for wage increases and other demands. Marcos is busy “with overseas junkets, refurbishing the image of his tyrant father, and ensuring his stash,” said the message.

It called the Marcos ruling clique of “kleptocratic” for having used state power to steal public funds. It said the Marcos government is widely perceived to be “illegitimate” for having won the May 2022 through electronic fraud, as well as through vote disenfranchisement and coercion by state forces.

Marcos “offers nothing fundamentally new to alter the downward course of the Philippine economy,” said the CPP. It criticized Marcos’ policy of “opening doors wide open” which “favor foreign capitalist investors with tax cuts and tax holidays, low workers wages, suppression of labor unions and strikes, and other incentives.”

The CPP leadership denounced the Marcos regime’s subservience to foreign imperialist powers. It said Marcos “kowtows” to both the US and China, but has “declared allegiance” to the US for allowing the plan of the US to establish more military bases and facilities inside AFP camps.

Favorable conditions for revolution

“Amid widespread impoverishment and hunger, the entire country sits on top of a social volcano that is constantly rumbling and ready to explode,” said the message.

The CPP Central Committee emphasized that it is “just and necessary” to wage revolution amid the Marcos regime’s “brutal war of suppression” and “worst forms of fascist terrorism.” The message detailed the conditions in “military hamlets” in rural areas where entire communities are under military rule. It said people who refuse to bow to the military are “subjected to arrest, torture and extrajudicial killing.” People are “being driven to fight back,” said the message.

The Central Committee dismissed as “ludicrous” the claims being made by military and defense officers that the number of NPA guerrilla fronts is now down to five. It said the declarations of the AFP of “strategic victory” against the CPP-NPA is a “public relations” line to justify before the people the “five years of squandering hundreds of billions of pesos of people’s money to fund its relentless military offensives and rampant military abuses.”

It acknowledged that the revolutionary movement has suffered setbacks and losses “in some parts,” and that these are mainly caused by “internal weaknesses and errors.” The message outlined tasks to “overcome all obstacles” in order to “advance more vigorously” in the coming years.

The CPP Central Committee said it is “fully confident” that is can gain unprecedented strength, lead the revolutionary movement in the Philippines to steadily advance in the coming years and achieve victories “much greater than ever before.” (CPP Information Bureau)

AB: CPP leadership issues call to consolidate and strengthen the Party