CPP orders NPA to strike in towns and cities


The Central Committee of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-CC) ordered the New People’s Army deploy special armed units to strike at enemy weak points, local tyrants and those with blood debt to the people in the towns and cities.

In a 20-page message to the NPA on the occasion of its 53rd anniversary, the CPP leadership said, “There is a public clamor for the revival of urban or rural-based units that can strike at the weak points of the enemy units and elements based in towns and cities, such as local tyrants and other bad elements and police units culpable for red-tagging, abducting, torturing and killing people with impunity.”

The CPP-CC said “fascist criminal bosses” responsible for the rising number of cases of extrajudicial killings and other fascist crimes against the people must be punished by the NPA “to render justice to their victims.”

“The enemy has erased all distinction between combatants and civilians. It arbitrarily accuses people of being communists or communist-supporters and is using the ATL to justify gross violations of people’s rights and freedoms.”

At the same time, the CPP said the NPA must launch “special tactical offensives” to disable the AFP’s communication system and air assets. “It must effectively sabotage the capabilities of the enemy wherever possible and carry out punitive measures against vulnerable enemy units and elements” which will also compel the enemy to reduce the number of its forces deployed against the guerrilla fronts.

While ordering the deployment of special strike teams, the CPP also directed the NPA to carry widespread punitive actions combined with “blows to the head” within the guerrilla fronts. In doing so, the NPA can compel the military and police forces “to be on the defensive whenever possible.”

According to the statement, across the country, entire villages or clusters of villages are placed under military rule which bring hardships on peasant communities. Fascist troops incessantly harass the peasant masses, arbitrarily accuse them of supporting the revolutionary movement, make them pose as “surrenderees”, subject them to surveillance, conduct night raids on their homes, force them to disaffiliate from their organizations, abduct or arrest people on false charges and murder peasant leaders and activists.

“It lays siege on communities mobilizing large numbers of troops in night-time or early-morning raids on peasant homes such as in the Oplan Sauron in Negros, the massacre of Tumandok minorities in Capiz and the Bloody Sunday mass killing of activists in Southern Tagalog,” they added. (CPP Information Bureau)

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AB: CPP orders NPA to strike in towns and cities