Drug-crazed AFP soldiers murder elderly spouses in Masbate

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The violence and terrorism of the military in the province of Masbate knows no bounds. On February 5, the 2nd IB murdered the elderly “senior citizen” couple Pedro Regala, 78 years old, and Florencia Regala, 67 years old in Barangay Toboran, Cawayan town.

To cover up their crime, the 2nd IB blatantly lied that the two elderly residents were fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA)-Masbate. The butchers even falsely claimed having confiscated an M16, a caliber .38 revolver, homemade shotgun, ammo pouches and five cell phones from the elderly couple.

“The people of Masbate are outraged by the heinous killing of Tatay Pedro and Nanay Florencia,” according to Ka Luz del Mar, NPA-Masbate spokesperson. The unit’s information say the weak and defenseless couple were picked up from their home and taken to a remote part of the creek where they were mercilessly shot.

The NPA unit identified elements of the 2nd IB and paramilitary groups under Adriel Besana as involved in the crime. It was also found that some of the killers were high on drugs supplied by druglord and rancher Edwin Du.

Ka Luz also warned residents in Baranga Toboran to be cautious as their community is infested by Alsa Masa paramilitaries who are paid and supported by the military.

In the face of military rule in the province, Ka Luz called on the masses of Masbatenyo not to be silent, give in to fear and bury the crimes of the military in oblivion. “They should not allow our fathers, mothers, children, brothers and friends who are dearest to us to be treated worse than animals. We need to transform our mourning into a just struggle,” he said.

He urged the Masbateños to take the path of people’s war. “The people’s war will end and defeat the repressive war of the rotten state. This will only happen with the support and action of all the oppressed and exploited for a just armed struggle.”

Ka Marco Valbuena, chief information officer of the Communist Party of the Philippines, also expressed outrage and condemned the 2nd IB. He joined the family and relatives of the murdered elders in demanding justice. He said, Sec. Gilbert Teodoro, secretary of the Department of National Defense, and Gen. Romeo Brawner, chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines are accountable for the crime.

AB: Drug-crazed AFP soldiers murder elderly spouses in Masbate