Lawmaker slams Dutertes' senate bid plan

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House Deputy Minority Leader and ACT Teachers Partylist Rep. France Castro, a known critic of the Dutertes, condemned the plan of the Duterte family to run for Senate in the 2025 midterm elections. According to the lawmaker, this is another ploy by the Dutertes to expand their political dynasty and maintain their grip on power.

In an interview, Sara Duterte said her siblings Sebastian, Davao City’s current mayor, and Paolo, the city’s current representative, as well as their father Rodrigo, the former president, will be vying for Senate seats in 2025. Sebastian is also reportedly eyeing the presidential seat in 2028.

“This is the height of bureaucrat-capitalism, where a single family wants to control every aspect of the country’s politics. They are turning government positions into a business venture, not just to plunder but also to cover up their sins against the people,” according to Rep. Castro. She said this is also the modus operandi of the Marcos family.

In recent months, Rodrigo Duterte’s accountability for the extrajudicial killings under his drug war has become blatantly evident. Cases related to this have been filed with the International Criminal Court. He is also embroiled in major corruption scandals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Castro, the Dutertes’ plan reveals the intensifying conflict between two factions of the ruling class. “With what VP Duterte said, we can see that the battle between the two factions of the ruling class will be all-out,” she said.

Rep. Castro called on fellow Filipinos to be vigilant against the Dutertes’ machinations and to fight the attempt of political dynasties to monopolize power and impose their rule that undermines true democracy and the people’s interests.

AB: Lawmaker slams Dutertes' senate bid plan