Makibaka condemns generals who beat wives and children

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Makibaka, an organization of revolutionary women, condemned two generals for beating and abusing their wives and children.

According to Malaya Libertad, Makibaka spokesperson, “Under the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system, the savagery and brutality that the AFP does to women and children continues. This is a proof of the macho-fascist culture prevailing within the AFP.”

Tessa Luz Reyes-Sevilla, wife of Gen. Ranulfo Sevilla, faced the Senate on March 12 to reveal the beating that she and her son suffered at the hands of the general. In addition to the beating, Sevilla also allegedly committed infidelity. Sevilla is currently the deputy commander of the AFP Special Operations Command. The Senate was then hearing Sevilla’s promotion to brigadier general.

On March 19, Gemini Baladad exposed in a press conference the abuse she and her son suffered at the hands of her husband, (Ret.) Major General Aurelio Baladad. Baladad is a notorious violator of human rights and international humanitarian law. As commander, he ordered the arrest, detention and torture of the Morong 43, the health worker group. The highest position he attained was serving as the commander of Eastmincom in 2014-2015. The military unit under his command committed numerous crimes during this period, including the summary execution of the already captured Ka Parago (Leoncio Pitao). Baladad retired in 2015.

Gemini said she complained to the AFP many times about her husband’s abuse, but the military leadership ignored her. She said she received no action, protection and support, nor even sympathy from the AFP. Even worse, she was evicted from the camp where she was living at the time.

She went public to give a voice to the many wives and families suffering at the hands of their general and soldier husbands. About 10 women every day file complaints with the AFP because of cases of abuse by their husbands, she said.

“The abuse of women and children by the AFP is not new. They continue to do it under counterinsurgency military operations in the countryside and while staying in villages and communities. There are many cases of military abuse in the countryside that is never filed or reported,” said Ka Malaya.

In the countryside, women are victims of unbridled rape, assault, abduction and murder by the fascist military. Many infants and children suspected of being “children of the NPA” have been kidnapped and held hostage to force their parents to surrender.

Makibaka encouraged all victims to stand up, speak out, and fight against police and military abuse of women and children. “In addition to women’s organizations and women’s desks, MAKIBAKA chapters are also open in the guerrilla fronts and in urban bases to help victims of violence,” according to Ka Malaya.

AB: Makibaka condemns generals who beat wives and children