NDF-Rizal launches Oplan Sabit in Taytay for the 55th anniversary of the NPA

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Forces of the National Democratic Front (NDF)-Rizal and Kabataang Makabayan (KM)-Rizal successfully hung their artful streamer in the populated areas of Taytay town on the day of the 55th anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA) last March 29.

The NDF and KM-Rizal forces took three days to collectively paint their tribute artwork to commemorate the anniversary of the NPA. The young artists and farmers poured their talent and commitment for the creation of their work.

They hang the streamer near Manila East Road and next to Rosario Ocampo Elementary School (ROES) as many people and vehicles pass by there. The vivid artwork aims to catch the attention of passers-by, amplify the celebration of the NPA anniversary and encourage the youth to participate in the armed struggle.

The NDF-Rizal says the “revolutionary forces carry out their specific roles in reinvigorating the revolutionary propaganda movement.” On March 28, NDF-Rizal also conducted the distribution of pamphlets in the Alay Lakad in Antipolo. It also scheduled various activities to perform and celebrate the anniversary of the NPA.

According to KM-Rizal, the 80th IB and 2nd ID’s intimidation and fascism is not an obstacle for the youth and the people to continue intensifying their struggle. “Every day we are convinced to side with the revolutionary movement and dedicate our full time to introduce the armed struggle to a large number of young people to enjoin them to participate,” the youth group emphasized.

AB: NDF-Rizal launches Oplan Sabit in Taytay for the 55th anniversary of the NPA