Negros political detainees launch 24-hour protest fast

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Negros political detainees launched today, April 19, a 24-hour fast to call on the Commission on Human Rights to continue investigating human rights violations in the island, particularly cases since Ferdinand Marcos Jr. assumed power. There are 128 detainees on Negros island, making up 16% of all political detainees nationwide.

According to the family and friends of the detainees under Kapatid (Kapisanan para sa Pagpapalaya ng mga Detinidong Pulitikal sa Pilipinas)-Negros, the fast-protest was in response to the CHR’s revelation on March 9 that its investigations on the island are being hampered by the units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ refusal to cooperate.

Among the impeded investigations is the abduction and disappearance by state forces of Lyngrace Marturillas, daughter of detainee Mary Joy Enyong. Marturillas. The young Marturillas who was then with Rogelio Posadas and two habal-habal drivers Renald de los Santos and Denald Mialen, were stopped by soldiers on Hinigaran-La Castellana Road on April 19, 2023. The next day, the 62nd IB announced that Posadas was killed in Barangay Biao in an alleged encounter between the NPA and the AFP. Until now, the AFP has not admitted abductng Marturillas, de los Santos and Mialen.

Human Rights Advocates in Negros called on the 303rd IBde to surface Mialen, de los Santos and Marturillas on the anniversary of their abduction. It also called for justice for Rogelio Posadas.

Since Ferdinand Marcos Jr came to power, the number of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in Negros has increased, according to Kapatid-Negros. These include the massacre of the Fausto family on June 14, 2023, the massacre of five hor de combat members of the NPA and a tricycle driver on September 21, 2023 in Kabankalan City, and the bombing that was carried out in Escalante City on February 21 this year.

AB: Negros political detainees launch 24-hour protest fast