NPA-Masbate pays tribute to young martyr

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The New People’s Army (NPA)-Masbate (Jose Rapsing Command) honored its warrior JR Compuesto (Ka Rio) who was killed in a defensive battle in Barangay Tubog, Pio V. Corpuz, Masbate on June 11. Five soldiers of the attacking unit of the 2nd IB were killed in the counterattack.

“Ka Rio was born in the village where he died. At a young age, he became aware of the true situation of the oppressed and exploited when the military burned their house,” Ka Luz del Mar, spokesperson of the NPA unit in the province, said.

As a teenager, Ka Rio decided to leave the “carefree life” because he saw the youth’s true role as being the people’s hope in the armed revolution.

He served as the education officer in his unit. “He made sure that his comrades were given a comprehensive education, be it in matters of ideology, politics and even literacy,” Ka Luz added.

His townsfolk and the Masbatenyo masses, especially the young people, have a lot of love and respect for Ka Rio. “Comrades will never forget the quiet, calm and optimistic Ka Rio. Despite beng new in the armed movement, Ka Rio has a high sense of responsibility,” Ka Luz said.

NPA-Masbate commiserates with the family, relatives, friends and others who love Ka Rio. “For his parents, we honor Ka Rio as a good son of the people. His life was not wasted, his sacrifice for the Masbatenyo masses is the complete fulfillment of our dreams for him. He died a hero and his memory as a hero will always live in us,” Ka Luz said.

AB: NPA-Masbate pays tribute to young martyr