PAF terrorist aerial bombing in Cagayan, a scourge to the people

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Tactical Operations Group 2 of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) once again carried out a brazen bombing campaign in the barangays of Peñablanca, Cagayan on May 10 at 2 a.m. Its jet fighters dropped up to 10 bombs on Sitio Ebi, Lapi and nearby barangays of Manga, Buyun, Nabbababalayan, and Minanga. Loud explosions, straffing and jet fighter flights were heard as far as the towns of Baggao, Enrile, Amulung and Tuguegarao City.

The information gathered by the National Democratic Front (NDF)-Cagayan said residents were awakened by the loud noise from the very low flying planes, and saw flames when the bombs fell which they thought were streaks of thunder. Residents said the ground shook with the force of the explosions.

The terrorist bombing brought great fear and trauma to the people, especially the children and the elderly. They also complained that the military did not even notify them of the bombing spree disguised as “counter-insurgency operations.” The military’s terrorist attacks on the communities forced at least 690 families to flee.

Ka Celia Corpuz, spokesperson of NDF-Cagayan, also said the bombing doubly harmed the Cagayan people, mostly farmers who already suffer due to the El Niño’s devastation.

Meanwhile, Ka Bienvenido Magalat, New People’s Army (NPA)-Cagayan spokesperson, responded to the accusation of 5th ID Spokesperson Maj. Rigor Pamittan that the people’s army perpetrated the powerful explosions. Maj. Pamittan blatantly lied that “the explosion heard by the residents were improvised explosive devices (IED) of the NPA.”

This is the 5th ID’s way to cover up the terrorist bombing that drew the people’s anger and hatred. “The 5th ID is ashamed of the fact that its superiority in military equipment used to sow fear and terror goes hand in hand with its lack of political strength and support of the people,” Ka Bienvenido further explained.

The NDF and NPA in Cagayan condemned the brazen bombing by the PAF and 5th ID in the province. They said, this is in addition to the military’s already many cases of violations of international humanitarian law. Aerial bombing violates the rules of war because it does not distinguish civilians from combatants.

“The entire revolutionary forces in Cagayan urge human rights defenders, church people, environmentalists, the media and other individuals and organizations to launch an investigation and fact-finding mission in the affected areas,” Ka Celia said.

AB: PAF terrorist aerial bombing in Cagayan, a scourge to the people