State forces falsely claim AFP intelligence agent arrested in Negros Occidental is a Red fighter

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Joint police and military forces arrested Eliseo Velarmia Along, charged with murder, in Hacienda Tresing, Barangay Andres Bonifacio, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental on the afternoon of March 9. Along is an intelligence agent of the Armed Forces of the Philippines but is falsely being presented as a member of the New People’s Army (NPA)-North Negros. He was allegedly involved in an ambush on March 7, 2011 in Sityo Aluyan, Barangay Caduhaan, Cadiz City.

NPA-North Negros spokesperson Ka Cecil Estrella denied the military’s allegation that Along is an NPA squad leader. She said, “Along is not an active member of any NPA unit in Northern Neros…he used to be an NPA member but went AWOL (absence without leave) almost two years ago…and later surrendered to the AFP and served as its intelligence agent.”

The spokesperson said it was a desperate move by the 79th IB to arrest Along and present him to the public as an NPA squad leader. “They’re just trying to make it look like they’re winning.”

She added, “this desperation is not surprising given its failure to crush [the NPA’s] small guerrilla units despite their massive superiority in military forces backed by air assets.”

As in other times, the arrest of Along by virtue of a warrant issued by a court in Cadiz City, shows uncertainty and safety for those who “allowed themselves be used” and “surrendered” to the military. He is currently detained at the police station in Cadiz City.

Meanwhile, NPA-Northern Negros also refuted owning the weapons allegedly seized and unearthed by the 79th IB in Barangay Washington, Escalante City last March 11. “The 79th IB is dreaming,” she said.

She explained that the people’s army unit in Northern Negros has no weapons stored because all its weapons are in the hands of Red fighters and local militia forces. “In fact, we lack weapons because of the increasing number of farmers and youth joining the army,” he said.

Arbitrary arrests, fabricated encounters, indiscriminate bombings and shelling by military units are being carried out to “comply” with the AFP’s new “deadline” to defeat the armed movement by the end of March, the vertical units by the end of June, and the entire NPA by the end of 2024. The new “deadline” was set after the AFP failed to defeat the NPA by the end of 2023.

AB: State forces falsely claim AFP intelligence agent arrested in Negros Occidental is a Red fighter