Teachers sign CNA with DepEd in NCR, ratification ongoing

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The Alliance of Concerned Teachers-National Capital Region (ACT-NCR) Union and Department of Education (DepEd)-NCR signed a collective negotiating agreement (CNA) on February 21 after agreeing on granting additional benefits, incentives and rights to teachers in the region.

In the CNA, the union successfully negotiated for incentives, teacher representation, leave privileges, health benefits, sports and education programs, overtime pay, and much more. A signature drive to ratify the CNA is currently being conducted in the NCR.

Union leaders and officers of ACT-NCR are now going around public schools in the region to gather enough signatures to approve said CNA. They are holding a number of meetings of teachers’ associations at the district and city levels.

The ACT-NCR Union is the Sole and Exclusive Negotiating Agent of public school teachers throughout the NCR to defend their rights and benefits. They represent 80,000 teachers in public schools.

AB: Teachers sign CNA with DepEd in NCR, ratification ongoing