Resisting heightened fascist attacks in Central Negros The revolution is a mass movement


Much like its failed predecessors, the US-Duterte regime has once again declared that it will launch “decisive battles” to end the armed struggle once and for all. And yet in Central Negros, through the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the revolution has scored comprehensive victories amid the regime’s relentless attacks.

Since October 2021, brigade-led operations of the 303rd IBde (comprised of the 62nd, 79th, and 94th IB) along with troops of the 33rd DRC, 16th SRC, and PNP-SAF have consistently terrorized communities in Central Negros despite the worsening socioeconomic crisis amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the government’s militarist response, and the recent wrath of Supertyphoon Odette.

Since 2018, Central Negros has been the target of the regime’s brutal and dirty counterrevolutionary war through its sustained combat operations coupled with crimes that affect mostly civilians. Oplan Sauron 1 and 2 and other similar operations have killed innocent farmers, farm workers, leaders of legal organizations and even progressive politicians. International rules of war and humanitarian law are brazenly violated by the AFP, PNP, and NTF-ELCAC in blurring the distinction between the NPA combatants, civilians, and hors de combat. They see red everywhere in their desperate attempt to quell the movement. Military operations are marked by rampant human rights violation including intimidation, red-tagging, enforced surrenders, indiscriminate firing, illegal detention, torture, or murder.

These attacks have not prevented the CPP, NPA, and mass organizations in the guerrilla front to push through with tasks through creative and clandestine means, even with intensified military presence in the mass bases and expansion areas especially in the final months of 2021.

Comprehensive victories

Party members, Red fighters and revolutionary activists sharpened their understanding of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism through the study of the Basic Party Course, and other Party documents, publications & statements. Comrades have been armed with the revolutionary ideology of the proletariat to guide them in their daily tasks and learning from both positive and negative experiences. The 53rd anniversary celebration of the CPP was met with both victories and challenges in the upcoming year as the end of Duterte’s official term approaches.

Within 3 months, the LPC-NPA carried out the three integrated tasks of base building, agrarian revolution, and armed struggle in around 70% of its mass base of over 150,000.

Despite additional deployment of fascist troops in the area, the LPC-NPA maintained its guerrilla base while also expanding to new municipalities. New sectoral organizations of the PKM, MAKIBAKA, and KM have also been established. Meanwhile, mass organizations in consolidated areas continued to increase and execute livelihood, medical, educational, rehabilitation for the victims of calamities and other programs of the People’s Democratic Government. Meetings are held secretly even with military presence in the area.

Contradictions among the ranks of the masses were also resolved. They consult with NPA units or leaders of mass organizations to resolve conflicts involving property boundaries, intrigues, and other issues. Some of these conflicts are due to the AFP’s divisive tactics to sow chaos among the masses. With the masses eager to listen and heed their army and local leaders, they are united further and they continue to act as a collective force, strengthening the revolution more than ever.

While fascist troops are busy hijacking cooperatives to convert them to military-led organizations, antifeudal campaigns guided by the CPP and aided by the NPA have benefited the masses. Farmers took over 54 hectares of land through the implementation of revolutionary and genuine land reform. Farm worker wages in two local haciendas also increased by ₱50.

During the focused military operation in the final quarter of 2021, the NPA mounted 18 military actions against the AFP, PNP, their network of spies, and lawless elements. Red fighters seized weapons and new recruits, mostly from the youth, added to the strength of the people’s army in the guerrilla front. The support of the broad masses through monitoring enemy activity and economic support have immensely helped the people’s army seize the initiative and wage offensives.

The Party also swore in new candidate and full members, and current members renewing their commitment to wholeheartedly serve the people and the revolution. New Party branches in expansion and recovery areas were also established. Aside from this, potential cadres were developed and tempered by the comprehensive tasks of the revolution.

The revolution flourishes in ceaseless and tireless struggle

In a span of three months, the ideological, political, and organizational gains of the CPP in the guerrilla front is a clear sign that the intensified attacks of the US-Duterte regime has not at all weakened the fighting spirit of Party cadres, Red commanders and fighters, and revolutionary masses. Instead, the forces of the revolution have been forged by ceaseless and tireless struggle and strengthened unity.

Revolutionary forces are prepared to face the challenges of the upcoming year. Mass organizations and the people’s army will continue to address the global pandemic through herbal treatment, medical orientation and assistance. Relief and rehabilitation efforts to help the masses whose livelihood and homes have been destroyed by Supertyphoon Odette will also continue.

The upcoming 2022 national elections primarily controlled by the alliance of proven plunderer families of the Marcoses, Arroyos, Estradas and Dutertes will compel the broad united front of progressive and patriotic forces to consolidate their strength to frustrate the looming threat of a Duterte extension and a similarly tyrannical Marcos regime. The unholy alliance’s local tenets in Central Negros are bound to resort to needless violence against the people.


The AFP’s aim to destroy the revolutionary movement by the end of Duterte’s official term will also indubitably result to more grave human rights violations. Like its fresh experience in the last quarter of 2021, the CPP, LPC-NPA, and all revolutionary forces in Central Negros are determined to face and overcome the attacks of the US-Duterte regime.

What the focused military operations and the offensive of the AFP, PNP, NTF-ELCAC combine have only proven is that the more they attempt to stop the revolution, the more the people are veered towards it. In the immortal words of Chairman Mao, the masses are the true makers of history. The revolution is a mass movement, and indeed the experience of the revolutionary forces in Central Negros is a proof of this. Despite the enemy’s focused military operation and overspending, the national democratic revolution advances wave upon wave to greater heights.

The more openly and tyrannically the ruling class oppresses the people, the more the masses are left with no choice but to support and join the armed revolution. The revolutionary forces’ fervor cannot be dampened by the shadow of a paper tiger like Duterte and his imperialist masters. In another year of struggle, the CPP, NPA and the broad masses in Central Negros are sure to frustrate the brutal counterrevolutionary war of the US-Duterte regime, and to overcome hurdles to carry forward the people’s war. (Ang Paghimakas)

AB: The revolution is a mass movement