U.S. hypocritical food drops kill 17 people

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Five people, including two children, died on March 8 when one of the crates containing food fell on them during the splashy food drops, which are carried out by the US and its allied countries. Reports say the crate’s parachute that should have slowed down its fall failed to open and hit a group of gathered people. Meanwhile in North Gaza, 12 people drowned when they raced to the food crates that the US dropped into the sea.

The US began food drops in the last week of February and continued in March despite drawing widespread criticism. According to its critics, this is not only dangerous, it also worsens the destitution of the Palestinian people who are desperate for any kind of food for their families.

Palestinian organizations and international humanitarian organizations strongly condemned the food drops, which the US implements at the same time that US-made bombs are raining down on many parts of Gaza. They said, Joseph Biden’s government uses the food drops to boost its image in and out of the US, especially as he is planning to run in the upcoming US elections.

Majority of US citizens do not agree with their government’s decision to fund and arm the genocide in Gaza. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have repeatedly flooded the streets to condemn their government and stand up for Palestine. This is also the stance of citizens in countries that collude with the US and Israel in the attack on Gaza. Around the world, the US is considered a pariah because it has blocked United Nations resolutions for a cease-fire in Gaza three times.

Widespread famine

On March 28, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to “take all necessary and effective means to ensure without interruption…the unimpeded and massive provision of basic services and humanitarian aid,” including food, water, fuel and medical supplies. The order condemns Israel for blocking, on arbitrary and fabricated grounds, trucks carrying food and medicine to various places in Gaza. It also belies Israel’s claim that it allows the entry of such trucks and blames the United Nations for aid not reaching more Palestinians.

The US-Israeli connivance uses mass famine and starvation as a weapon of genocide to slowly kill the Palestinians. This March, the mass deaths of babies, young children and the elderly due to starvation have already begun. Most, if not all, Palestinians have nothing to eat. A family that gets to eat once a day is considered fortunate.

AB: U.S. hypocritical food drops kill 17 people