US-Israel kills 7 humanitarian organization volunteers in Gaza

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An Israeli forces airstrike killed seven volunteers of the volunteer organization World Central Kitchen (WCK) while travel their car on April 1. Among those killed were a British, an Australian, one from Poland, a US and Canadian dual citizenship holder, and a Palestinian. Hamas first disclosed the crime and condemned Israel for killing foreign civilians.

The car was destroyed by Zionist Israel despite its travel coordination with forces in the area. The WCK logo is also clearly visible on its two other armored vehicles, according to WCK.

“Despite (our) coordinating action with the IDF, the convoy was destroyed as it exited the Deir al-Balah warehouse in Central Gaza, where the team unloaded more than 100 tons of food aid that arrived in Gaza by sea,” according to the WCK statement. The organization strongly condemned the killing which they said was not only an attack on the WCK but an attack on all humanitarian organizations entering the shocking situation where food is weaponized.

“This is inexcusable,” according to WCK. The group immediately suspended its operations in Gaza. This means far worse acute food shortage in Gaza. According to Human Rights Watch, 170 aid workers have been killed in Gaza. “Targeting them must stop,” it said.

Amid widespread condemnation of the mass killings, the fascist leader of the Zionist state, Benjamin Netanyahu, was forced to admit that Israeli forces airstrike killed seven people but that it was “unintentional.” This is the first time Netanyahu has admitted that Israel has hit “innocent citizens”, mainly because the majority of those killed were not Palestinians, but from countries that have openly supported and continue to support its genocide against Palestine. Hours before Netanyahu’s message, the Israeli military made no such admission and only said it would “investigate” the incident.

United Kingdom officials immediately called on the Netanyahu regime to fully explain the airstrike. It also continues to demand an explanation in relation to Israel’s airstrike in January against buildings of Medical Aid for Palestine, where four volunteer British doctors were. The governments of Australia and Poland also expressed deep dismay.

Nearly 33,000 Palestinians have been killed and 75,494 injured in the US-Israeli war of genocide in Gaza since October 7, 2023. In addition to this, an estimated 7,000 have yet to be found, and are presumed dead and buried under bombed buildings and houses.

US-Israel collusion to starve the Palestinians to death

Meanwhile, Israeli forces carried out another “flour massacre” on March 30 in Gaza City. Israeli soldiers opened fire on Palestinians waiting for the arrival of aid trucks from Kuwait. This resulted in a massacre and many were injured.

The first “flour massacre” took place on February 29 in Sheikh Ajleen, Gaza City, where 112 Palestinians were killed and 750 wounded after Israeli forces opened fire on hundreds of Palestinians waiting for flour aid.

According to Hamas and the Resistance groups in Gaza, the US authorized Israeli forces’ deliberate shooting in the first “flour massacre.”

“The war to starve the Palestinians to death that the occupier has imposed on the residents of the Gaza Strip, especially in its northern part, is in full coordination between the American administration and the occupier government,” a Hamas official said in March. The massacre in Al-Rashid St during the distribution of aid had a “green light” (permission) from the US, to force the Resistance to make concessions in its negotiations for a prisoner swap and an end to Israel’s occupation of Gaza, he said.

AB: US-Israel kills 7 humanitarian organization volunteers in Gaza