11th IB present AFP intelligence assets as ‘surrenderees’


In another futile attempt of reactionary propaganda, the 11th IB presented another round of ‘surrenderees’ to the public. These individuals, however, are actually Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) henchmen and assets, and traitors to the people and the revolution.

Ka Ensoy and Ka Clifford have been disenfranchised from the revolutionary movement after going AWOL (absent without leave) last February, following the illegal capture of their hors d’ combat wives by the military last December 2023 and January 2024. The military only presented them as surrenderees now, but has been using the two for combat operations and psywar schemes in the hinterlands of Santa Cantalina and Siaton in Negros Oriental for some time, that led to at least 2 harassment cases involving a farmer.

This goes to show that the AFP are exploiting individuals, pressuring them into becoming military assets and fodder, and then conveniently presenting them as ‘surrenderees’ after using them for corruption and propaganda.

Meanwhile, Ka Ann will also probably suffer the same fate as the captured Ka Aubrey, presented as trophies and maximized in black propaganda to blatantly betray the masses in exchange of a false promise of “a better life.” Clearly they are akin to prisoners, subject to the whims of the NTF-Elcac and the reactionary pipe dream of defeating the just armed revolution.

Lt. Col. Aquino and BGen. Escanillas can go on and on about the dismantled Southeast Guerrilla Front, but they obviously cannot practice what they preach while focused military operations and community hamletting through misnomered community support programs continue in Negros Oriental. Unwittingly, their atrocities alongside the entry of foreign and domestic mining and other neoliberal projects amid a socioeconomic crisis and the El Niño phenomenon are convincing the masses further to support and join the NPA.

11th IB present AFP intelligence assets as ‘surrenderees’