62nd IB’s ruthlessness knows no bounds


We are enraged upon receiving reliable information that former Day Care worker Christina Jacolbe was five months pregnant when she was massacred along with her 16 year old daughter, Everly Kee, and relative Rodan Montero by butchers of the 62nd Infantry Battalion last July 26 at Sitio Banderahan, Barangay Trinidad, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental.

The ruthlessness of state forces knows no bounds. Based on the post-mortem report, the mother Jacolbe sustained six gun shot wounds. They were unarmed civilians, including a minor, yet bloodthirsty elements of the military peppered them with bullets to justify an armed encounter.

The 3ID is even more shameless for giving awards and accolades to killers of farmers and children, and seasoned liars. We condemn the AFP’s recycled scheme of perpetrating bloody atrocities and justifying such crimes with scripted cover-ups and disinformation.

We also call on the media and human rights defenders to aid in shedding light on these systematic attacks of state forces against the Negrosanons. It is high time that this culture of impunity promoted by butchers like Arevalo and Pasaporte be exposed and ended.###

62nd IB’s ruthlessness knows no bounds