All revolutionaries in the world will raise the struggle for the immortal memory of Tiamzons and 8 brave comrades!


Dear comrades,

The Following is the message from our party’s international bureau for the loss of precious revolutionaries.

Revolutionary greetings.

Dear comrades,

Our party, the MLKP, sends her deepest condolences to all comrades in the Communist Party of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front and to the relatives and families of the martyred comrades for the brutal assassination of your party’s Central Committee Executive Council Chairman Ka Laan (Benito Tiamzon) and General Secretary Ka Bagong-Tao (Wilma Austria-Tiamzon) on August 22, 2022, along with 8 red fighters assigned to guard the central headquarter. In their more than 50 years of struggle, comrades Ka Laan and Ka Bagong-Tao, who successfully carried out all kinds of tasks in different fields of the Philippine revolution in your party, also ensured that your party emerged from the peace talks in 2016-17 without losing her ideologically revolutionary qualities, once again demonstrating that revolutionary armed class struggle is essential.

Undoubtedly, this ominous news is a source of great sadness for us and for revolutionaries all over the world, but it is also a warning flare that multiplies the anger in us against imperialism and the capitalist murderers. We have no doubt that the revolution in the Philippines will grow on the path they paved and that your party’s will to fight will only grow stronger. As your recently deceased great leader Jose Maria Sison said in an interview, “I tend to be optimistic because I know I can make any sacrifice”. Your Party has once again announced to the world that it is producing comrades of such high determination with the news that new comrades were immediately chosen to replace the fallen comrades.

In these days of sharpening inter-imperialist contradictions all over the world, ringing the bells of an upcoming new world war, Marcos Jr., following Duterte, is also showing that he is a loyal US lackey. The imperialists and their domestic collaborators want to murder revolutionaries in order to take the working class and the oppressed into capitulation and to make them fall from the struggle. But in vain! Leading cadres such as Baran Serhat and Ahmet Şoreş, whom our party MLKP, which fought against the imperialists and regional colonialist reactionary fascist states in the bosom of the Middle East, lost in the last few years through assassinations, had turned the party into a seedbed where new leading communists would grow. The Communist Party of the Philippines is one of the parties that knows this best, with its red bases and people’s governments that it has grown step by step in the country.

Once again, we reiterate our promise to keep the memory of the Tiamzons and the Catbalogan 10 alive in our struggle.

Martyrs never die! Sehid Namirin!

The Tiamzons and the Catbalogan 10 will be avenged!

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army fighting for democratic people’s revolution and socialism!

Long live revolutionary solidarity and world revolution!

MLKP International Bureau

All revolutionaries in the world will raise the struggle for the immortal memory of Tiamzons and 8 brave comrades!