Bayawan residents misled into joining anti-NPA rally; DTI vouchers used as bait


Translation: Bisaya


The RMPC-NPA Southeast Negros denounced the 11th IB for defrauding the people of Barangay Nangka, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental and turning them as props of their photo-op spectatcle.

Last Monday (August 3), Nangka residents through its Barangay Captain Roel Cadalso were informed that the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will be distributing livelihood vouchers to help them in their daily living.

Having endured the hard times as the result of the pandemic and Duterte’s neoliberal economic policies, the residents numbering more than 100 showed up at the Barangay Hall hoping to get some relief assistance from the government.

Unfortunately, right after voucher distribution the 11th IB CSP (psyops strategy inappropriately called Community Support Program) operatives took over and started handing out prepared streamers and tarpaulins containing senseless diatribe against the revolutionary movement. Nangka residents were made to pose for camera carrying banners.

Clearly, the activity is military organized and the people have nothing to do with it . They were merely pawns in 11th IB’s propaganda machinery.

“11th IB’s propagandist drumbeat the ignominious theatrics as evidence of “people’s support” of Duterte’s brutal counter-insurgency campaign implemented through NTF-ELCAC (National Task Force to End Local Armed Conflict). But the truth is the exact oppossite. The people came not because of the rally to denounce the NPA and the revolution. They came because of the vouchers. The military shamelessly exploited people’s poverty,” said RMPC spokesperson Ka Estrella Bangbanag.

Banagbanag castigated 11th IB commander LTC Ramir Redosendo for resorting to such outrageous and brazen act of decieving the people just to wrest some pogi points. “He must be that desperate to allow his subordinates to engage in such devious act. Its understandable though given the surging popularity of the revolutionary movement in the countryside and the deluge of rural youth enlisting in the NPA especially now in the time crisis,” Banagbanag added. ###


Bayawan residents misled into joining anti-NPA rally; DTI vouchers used as bait