CPP honors fallen NPA fighters in Batangas, Quezon

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today paid tribute to the fallen Red fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Batangas and Quezon skirmishes last week.

The CPP’s Chief Information Officer, Marco L. Valbuena, honored the Red fighters and leaders of the Party as heroes and martyrs of the Filipino people’s revolution for national and social liberation.

In Batangas, three Red fighters were martyred in a firefight in Barangay Elvita (Tubahan), Rosario last March 26. Killed were Junalice “Ka Arya” Arante-Isita, Bernardo “Ka Mamay/Mike” Bagaas and Erickson “Ka Ricky/Vale” Cueto. Arante-Isita, 37, served as a leading cadre of the revolutionary movement in Batangas and was a member of the Regional Committee of the CPP in Southern Tagalog.

In Quezon, two beloved warriors of the people were killed in an encounter in Guinayangan town last March 28. Martyred were Divine Sureta (Ka Zoe), who hailed from the indigenous Manide tribe, and Paul Cruz (Ka Isko), who at the time of his death was a member of the CPP’s Quezon Provincial Committee.

“Their deaths are huge losses to the Party, the NPA and the masses whom they wholeheartedly served,” Valbuena said. “Their sterling examples in struggle and ultimate sacrifice, however, serve as inspiration for more people to take the hard path of waging armed struggle.”

“Even now, more and more young people are joining the NPA as they see the necessity and justness of waging revolutionary armed struggle against the puppet, corrupt, and fascist Marcos regime,” Valbuena added.

CPP honors fallen NPA fighters in Batangas, Quezon