Cracking down on dissent à la Duterte - NPA Southeast Negros

11th IB troopers round-up Bayawan residents; make threats against joining SONA rally

Taking cue from their fascist chieftain Duterte, soldiers from 11th IB this week forcefully summoned and interrogated like a criminal a farmer-leader in Barangay Nangka, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental and then proceeded to gather the members of the local farmers’ association and browbeat them not to take part in the upcoming people’s SONA mobilization.

Fernando Balor, one of the leaders of Nangka United Farmers Association (NUFA), was “invited” by the 11th IB soldiers based in thier Milagrosa forward base situated in the same barangay for a talk that turned out to be custodial interrogation centered on his alleged connection to the revolutionary movement and work as an organizer of protest rallies.

The soldiers then gather Balor’s fellow NUFA members and their immediate families and questioned them about their active participation in past rallies. The soldiers warned them of grave consequences should they continue to take part in the people’s SONA. All of them including minors or even children were forced to sign a document whose contents were not properly explained or their prior consent obtained.

“This incident further unravel who are the real terrorists. The US-Duterte regime is the number terrorist. His criminal and fascist military machinery like 11th IB is his terrorist underlings that prey on people’s lives in the service of their master and the ruling class”, RMPC-NPA Southeast Negros spokesperson Ka Estrella Banagbanag said.


Cracking down on dissent à la Duterte - NPA Southeast Negros