Duterte and Pasaporte: fascist and corrupt monsters that plague the Negrosanon

Translation: Hiligaynon

The increasingly tactless and hostile remarks of the reactionary government and its armed mercenaries are adding insult to injury of the suffering Negrosanons and the Filipino people. On separate statements, 303rd brigade commander Pasaporte and his commander-in-Chief Duterte have reaffirmed their long-unveiled monstrous character.

Pasaporte has red-tagged legal democratic organizations and its membership as ‘terrorists’ in their official social media accounts after the #SONAgkaisa mobilizations that presented the real conditions of the Negrosanon under the US-Duterte regime. These irresponsible acts are considerable death threats to the involved as the crackdown against dissenters continue especially in Negros Island.

In another statement, Pasaporte again presented 3 fake ‘rebel surrenderees’, obvious cash cows for the failed E-CLIP progam of the administration. Another trio yesterday in Sitio Victory, Brgy Minapasok, Calatrava were falsely accused as NPA members, with planted evidence. Coupled with illegal arrests nationwide, these fake surrenders, red-taggings, and illegal arrests have become an avenue for massive systematic corruption. The bail money and the budget for E-CLIP are used to fatten their pockets while the people are deprived of basic social services.

Duterte matches his pawn Pasaporte’s gall by seemingly challenging the NPA to declare ceasefire as the country faces the pandemic. He seems to forget that he was given this opportunity months ago but his bloody regime has betrayed this. Even up to now, military operations continue in mountainous barangays in Escalante, Murcia, San Carlos, Guihulngan, La Libertad, Himamaylan, Kabankalan, Sta. Catalina, Ilog, and others, much to the disdain of the disgruntled masses as they are left exposed to possible carriers and with little to no aid amid the pandemic. This is the exact reason that while mass campaigns are ongoing, so will the NPA’s tactical offensives against brutal state forces such as what has transpired over the past months in guerilla fronts all over Negros.

The two fascists Duterte and Pasaporte need to be reminded that up to now, NPA areas remain to be Covid-19 free, while public health and production campaigns are held to help in alleviating the effects of the socio-economic crisis that are being downplayed by the regime. The AFP’s hopeless claim that the NPA is dwindling and their chief’s contradictory fear of his mercenaries being ambushed are proof of their madness to favor their corruption and fascism.

As the NPA is the true army of the people, the support of the masses will not falter. Instead of supporting your corrupt commanders, discontented rank-and-file soldiers are enjoined to defect in clandestine to the revolutionary movement to aid in the deposing of the tyrant and to truly serve the people to advance the national democratic revolution, for a genuine just and lasting peace for the Filipino people.

Duterte and Pasaporte: fascist and corrupt monsters that plague the Negrosanon