End imperialist control in the country! -- NPA-Negros

Translation/s: Hiligaynon

The fake “Fil-Am Friendship Day” between the Philippines and imperialist United States should not be celebrated. The celebration is deemed for a hypocritical friendship since we have been enslaved by imperialist US for decades through implementing worsening neoliberal policies, unfair treaties and subservience of previous pseudo-democratic regimes and all-out fascist regimes of Marcos then and Duterte now. It has only resulted in massive land-grabbing, squeezing and exploitation of labor power, the disrespect and destruction of the properties and resources of the country, and terrorizing of the broad masses.

Before imperialist US granted fake independence to the Philippines, it has made sure that the country is tied in unfair treaties and buried in unpayable debt to hold its government by the neck and control and dictate it as it pleases in the economic, political, military, cultural, and foreign relational spheres.

Even Duterte’s puppetry to the US has intensified as he tries to save face as he is being viewed more of a liability than an asset as he has flopped in implementing US foreign policy in the country as evident in China’s meddling. He desperately signed the Anti-Terrorism Law which has aims to end the revolutionary movement in the country based on the counter-insurgency program of terrorist US.

In the onslaught of Covid-19, his militarist lockdowns, special powers and additional foreign loans to sponsor his fascism has been the answer of the Duterte regime in the emergency crisis that the country now faces. These corrupt and neglectful ways have buried even more the wide exploited masses in extreme poverty and hunger. Amid this, Duterte has pushed the imposition of insufferable and pro-imperialist foreign policies in economy such as the bogus jeepney modernization, additional taxes, inaccessible “distance learning” of DepEd and the taking over of the private sector of government responsibilities still based on neoliberalism.

In Negros, at least 328,000 families of sugar cane hacienda and mill workers fear of being dislocated and unemployed due to the threat of the Sugar Import Liberalization program of the puppet government to allow imported sugar to enter the local market. Aside from that, to maintain himself in power, he has given leeway to his allied landlords and bureaucrat capitalist to control and monopolize lands and properties in Negros. He has also implemented bloody policies such as Memo Order 32 and Executive Order 70. The brutal Duterte regime has killed Negrosanons through hunger and bullets where at least 90 have been victims of his all-out war in the context of counter-insurgency, which will surely intensify in the passing of Anti-Terrorism Law.

These policies reveal that until now, imperialist US has oppressed the country’s resources and labor force for its own interest. Freedom has only really been granted to the landlords, big capitalists and bureaucrat associates that continue to prey upon the masses.

Indeed, the masses are revolted by the rotten US-Duterte regime. Thus imperialist US is viewed as an enemy as it continues to be a parasite to the Philippines resulting to the chronic crisis of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system. As the global capitalist crisis license, US power is swaying and being rivalled by China in its control for the globe. Genuine independence cannot be established so long as there is a foreign power influencing our economic, political, military, cultural, and foreign relational fields. The justness of armed revolution remains as the sole solution to set the Filipino people free. The 51 years of revolution waged by the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) aims to liberate the masses of farmers, workers, and other democratic sectors to establish the government of the people with a socialist perspective, based on justice, free from oppression and exploitation of imperialist US, China, and any other country for that matter. ###

End imperialist control in the country! -- NPA-Negros