Heroics expected on the upcoming Duterte speech but nationwide martial law would never prosper

The Duterte mania after two years all comes to this point. His big show of bossy and tyrannical bravado is fazing his celebrated victory after the 2016 Philippine polls. And the Filipino people hence will decide once more, that this militarist regime must end, parliament-wise or otherwise allowed by their collective conscience.

The drama that is going to be staged as biz-type address to the people will not be expected to be as bold and moving as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in 1863 during the American Civil War. Nor a Shakespearean one balancing the comedy and tragedy of the nation in a sonnet-type manifesto. Rather, he is expected to be like his ally, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during her term making a sly but remorseful face doing an apology she believed would captivate the people’s hearts and minds.

But we are presented here with a nation whose president seems to neglect both the past and present crises its people have been burdened upon. Rather, he is brave enough to counter the people by insisting on his flagship projects under the Build, Build, Build Program even through deficit spending. His face will most likely reflect the foreign financial assistance his financial cluster has received from multinational companies and creditor governments and at the same time, the amount of revenue collected by the bureaus from the TRAIN Package 1.

If indeed the political climate gets to a boil, it should not be blamed lightly on the previous administrations leaning against his ambitious plans. Nor should it be blamed on the armed and legal fronts of forces attempting the ouster of his regime. Duterte did not evolve to be national demagogue in two years just to arrive at this moment facing his demons pestering his rein. Also, his enemies are not dragons and shamans, they are only the battle-hardened, anti-dictatorial and poverty-stricken populace guided by ideologies best suited to them to rebel against a fatuous leader.

This October, we expect not a Russian-style uprising in 1917 or a People Power that’s becoming less and less futile. We expect the Martial Law in Mindanao weakening its military might wherein aggrieved soldiers and policemen from the rank-and-file would mark their democratic and patriotic aspirations with gallantr deeds against a dictator in Malacañang toeing them as his private goons and death squads in his campaigns against corruption, terrorism, illegal drugs and his political rivals.

October would also be the month for peace-loving Filipinos and particularly Mindanaons, Moro people and the Lumads in their quest for just and lasting peace based on social justice, all-round development and economic upliftment. The indigenous Filipino groups are expected this month to do their share in airing their views and sentiments given the Duterte policy of launching genocidal wars, war of suppression and dislocation operations against their communities in favor of multinational plantations and mining companies.

If indeed the Duterte regime senses a looming rebellion, civil disobedience, destabilization, military junta, ouster campaign or armed uprisings, he must address the public, at the soonest he can manage, with a conscience as to why he and his dynasty, together with his cronies, apologists and think-tank technocrats should remain in power. Lest Duterte recognize who are the losing end of these wars, he may need not address the public. What he needs is to reverse his metamorphosis back to his first few months as President of the Philippine republic. The Filipino people are always listening, it is just this madman in Malacanang who never realizes that.

Heroics expected on the upcoming Duterte speech but nationwide martial law would never prosper