No tyrant can withstand a million people marching as one

Today is the 48th anniversary of the declaration of martial law and the start of the 14-year fascist dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. As in the past years, the Filipino people mark this day with an ardent vow “Never again!” to do their utmost to prevent a return to the dark days of brutal military rule. The vow echoes significantly strong as the Filipino people confront a new and especially cruel tyranny under Rodrigo Duterte.

The Party is in solidarity with the various democratic sectors and classes, organizations and individuals who are set to march today to protest the reign of de facto new martial law under Duterte.

The Party pays tribute to the tens of thousands of patriots and democrats who chose the difficult and dangerous path of struggle to take back their freedoms and attain democracy and justice. Scores of thousands suffered detention and torture, were abducted, disappeared and “salvaged” (summarily executed). Their sacrifices made in sweat and blood nurtured the people’s resistance in all fields of struggle.

Let us draw inspiration from our heroes and martyrs and their ideals of freedom, democracy and an end to oppression and exploitation. Let us fight with great energy and determination to end Duterte’s reign of murder and gross abuses of human rights, unbridled corruption, cronyism, subservience to foreign powers, burdensome debt, joblessness and economic crisis.

Duterte and his cohorts are like insatiable leeches sucking the people’s blood. They are doing everything to cling to power. State terrorism is their ultimate weapon to perpetuate their power and aggrandize greater wealth. The constitution and its laws are mere embellishments to dress the tyrant, but are unreservedly trampled to serve his illegitimate aims.

The demand for the resignation of Duterte or the ouster of his fascist regime has become urgent as the Filipino people suffer more and more amid the pandemic and economic and political crisis. Only by removing Duterte can the Filipino people have a better chance at fighting the disease, overcoming the grave economic crisis and attaining a just and lasting peace.

Let us be ready to make the necessary sacrifices as we seek an end to the reign of thieves and fascists who will do everything to cling to power. All democracy- and freedom-loving people must unite and fight. History has shown that no tyrant, not Marcos, not even Duterte, can withstand a million people marching as one.

No tyrant can withstand a million people marching as one