NPA Punished Criminals and Counter-Revolutionaries in Calatrava

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The Roselyn Jean Pelle Command – Northern Negros Guerilla Front of the New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) implemented standing orders against criminals and counter-revolutionaries in Calatrava, Negros Occidental issued by the revolutionary people’s court and people’s government.

Operatives of RJPC-NPA meted death against Lalong Barangay Captain Benjamin Havoc, 54 years old, at Sitio Lower, Barangay Lalong last August 26 around 4 o’clock in the morning.

At the same time, NPA operatives raided his domicile and confiscated an ingram submachine gun with several ammunition, a cellular phone containing contact details of active 79th IB-PA elements and six (6) hand-held radios.

Havoc is notorious for protecting drug dealings within and nearby barangays. He is also guilty of crimes against the people and the revolutionary movement for being an active military asset mounting intelligence network within the barangay.

Before this, Renato Estrebillo, 43 years old from Sitio Huybesan, Barangay Marcelo, was punished by RJPC-NPA operatives on August 12 around 5 o’clock in the morning.

Estrebillo tipped off enemy operating troops of 79th IB that resulted to indiscriminate firing hurting two (2) children, causing trauma to family members and arbitrary arrest of a civilian on July 6, 2022 in the same area. He was also notorious for theft of farm products and animals.

On August 7 at around 9 o’clock in the morning, operatives of the RJPC-NPA ambushed Rodel Nobleza, 37 years old, in Sitio Kamao, Barangay Marcelo.

Nobleza was one of the responsible for causing AFP’s treacherous raid against the NPA on April 2019 in the same area that martyred Ka Yenyen, Ka Zero and a civilian. He is also notorious for his crimes against the people, such as drug peddling in his barangay and neighboring places.

On the other hand, RJPC-NPA implemented several decisions of warnings and expulsions to criminals and counter-revolutionaries within its area of operations.

Crimes submitted before the people’s court underwent in-depth investigation and trial. The RJPC-NPA reviews the cases before conducting operation.

The AFP repeatedly deny the criminals’ affiliation to them, yet, the AFP’s reaction points otherwise. The fascist (and desperate) 79th IB, have been conducting a battalion-sized military operation within the mountainous barangays of Calatrava right after Havoc was punished.

RJPC-NPA warns all criminals and counter-revolutionaries to discontinue their disreputable activities before they can commit unforgivable crimes against the people and the revolutionary movement, like Havoc, Estrebillo ang Nobleza.

RJPC-NPA is keen in achieving justice to the victims of criminals and counter-revolutionaries.

The people of Northern Negros, especially the victims of the above-mentioned criminals and counter-revolutionaries, and the whole revolutionary movement rejoices over the death of those serving the fascist and reactionary government.

NPA Punished Criminals and Counter-Revolutionaries in Calatrava