NPA to guv, NTF-ELCAC: People’s war is for just and lasting peace

Governor Lacson’s call anew for revolutionary forces to yield to the reactionary state will not address the roots of the problems prompting the people of Negros to rebel, the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command of the New People’s Army in Negros Island (AGC-NPA) said through its spokesperson Ka Maoche Legislador.

Legislador mocked Gov. Lacson’s “so-called new opportunity” as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“As the socio-economic and humanitarian crisis in Negros worsens, the masses are bound to take up arms against the only genuine terrorist: the US-Marcos II regime,” added Legislador.

Calls for surrender came after an ambush in Calatrava by the Roselyn Jean Pelle Command-NPA Northern Negros last August 9 that claimed the life of a police officer and wounded three others.

The NPA declared seizing four assault rifles, ammunition and a .45 caliber pistol.

“If anything, the ambush mounted by the RJPC-NPA showed the ineffectiveness of the NTF-ELCAC,” Legislador said.

The massive fake surrender spree coupled with almost a hundred human rights violations in the past quarter reveals the true nature of the state’s counterinsurgency campaign which is draconian, corrupt, and pointless, much like the illegitimate commander-in-chief responsible for the exacerbation of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal ruling system,” he added.

Legislador further noted that “people’s war is for just and lasting peace,” underscoring the attacks of the AFP, PNP, NTF-ELCAC and other force multipliers as “the number one recruiter of the NPA, especially after the Sagay massacre, Oplan Sauron and continuing military operations that target either the civilian populace or hors de combats after the Duterte regime put Memorandum Order 32 into effect.”

“Thus, it is not only just but necessary for Negrosanons to rebel in these dire times,” the rebel spokesperson said.

Only the armed revolution can bring about genuine and lasting peace to our society, not band-aid solutions nor obvious cash cow schemes by mercenary brigands in the reactionary state,” ended Legislador. ###

NPA to guv, NTF-ELCAC: People’s war is for just and lasting peace