NPA vows more tactical offensives after Borongan ambush rattles Duterte, 8th ID

The Efren Martires Command (New People’s Army-Eastern Visayas) today congratulates the Red fighters in Eastern Samar on their triumphant tactical offensive against the fascist troops of the 14th Infantry Battalion-Philippine Army in Sitio Bangon, Barangay Pinanag-an, Borongan City last November 11.

The victory of the Sergio Lobina Command (NPA-Eastern Samar) is a timely and fitting response to the intensifying fascist attacks on the people by the Duterte regime. It serves as a warning to Rodrigo Duterte and his fascist dogs in the AFP and PNP that their abuses cannot continue. For as long as the people have their true army, their crimes will not go unpunished.

This victory is also a slap to the face of Major General Pio Diñoso III of the 8th Infantry Division, who earlier claimed that the only choice for the NPA in Samar is to surrender or be killed. The only choice for Diñoso and his troops is to heed the call of the people by taking down their weapons and withdrawing their support from the fascist Duterte. Or they can waste more lives and resources defending their ailing commander-in-chief as the NPA intensifies its tactical offensives and heads for total victory.

Being true hypocrites, the 8th ID brings up international law against the use of command-detonated explosives only to malign the NPA while dismissing the victims of military abuses. For the record, the protocols of war permit the use of CDX against combatants; dropping 200-kilo bombs in peasant communities is not.

The Efren Martires Command calls on all units of the NPA in Eastern Visayas to widen and intensify their tactical offensives against the rising fascism of the US-Duterte regime. By this victory, let us be inspired to bravely face and frustrate the Duterte regime’s all-out war against all opposition.

NPA vows more tactical offensives after Borongan ambush rattles Duterte, 8th ID