On the passing away of Prof. Luis Teodoro

In behalf of all revolutionary publications across the country, the editors and writers of Ang Bayan express heartfelt sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues of Prof. Luis Teodoro, who passed away last March 13.

Professor Teodoro was an eminent writer, editor and teacher. All through his professional life, he was indefatigable patriot and stalwart of the Filipino people’s struggle for genuine freedom and social liberation. He was among the most prominent of progressive intellectuals who emerged during the surge of the people’s democratic struggles.

He played an important role in some of the historical junctures in the advancement of the national democratic movement. He served as editor of Struggle for National Democracy, the compilation of articles of Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, which played a crucial part in setting forth the second propaganda movement and militated several generations of activists.

He devoted his life to promote journalism for the people as a way of advancing their national and democratic aspirations. He had a clear class view of the corporate mass media which he saw as part of the ideological machinery of the ruling system. He saw journalism as either serving the interests of the ruling elite or that of the oppressed and exploited masses.

The editors and writers of Ang Bayan and other underground publications across the country consider his books and articles important reference in advancing revolutionary journalism.

Professor Teodoro’s legacy will always be treasured as we carry forward our fight against the lies that hide the rottenness of the semicolonial and semifeudal system, and struggle to raise the people’s patriotic and revolutionary consciousness.

March 16, 2023

The Editors, Ang Bayan
Communist Party of the Philippines

On the passing away of Prof. Luis Teodoro