Tabugon6 massacre: a war crime and a great injustice

Blatant liars and cold-blooded criminals in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) like MGen. Marion Sison of the 3rd Infantry Division and BGen. Joey Escanillas of the 302nd Infantry Brigade once again embarrass themselves in attempting to cover up the recent war crime committed by their fascist soldiers from the 47th Infantry Battalion last September 21 at Sitio Lubi, Brgy. Tabugon, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. Furthermore, their reasoning is reflective of a skewed understanding of justice and utmost subservience to the ruling class of big compradors and landlords.

The Philippine Army’s top dogs in Negros had the gall to claim that they have achieved “justice” for New People’s Army killings through the death of noncombatants (three medical personnel of the NPA, a Red fighter couple on-medical leave due to pregnancy) and a civilian tricycle driver.

Let me shed light on this evil insinuation.

The Armando Sumayang Jr Command of the NPA’s Southwest Guerrilla Front (ASJC-NPA) confirmed in November 2022 its ambush operation against two Army sergeants of the 47th IB who served as combat intelligence in the hinterlands of Sipalay City, Negros Occidental. The two soldiers were on active duty at the time, reportedly conducting reconnaissance in Sitio Camboguiot, Brgy. Camindangan, Sipalay City when they were ambushed. Thus, they were legitimate military targets of the NPA.

As explained by the ASJC-NPA in its statement then, SSgt. Ken Camelan and Sgt. Regie Glendro have been reported by residents for threatening families they accuse of having relatives in the NPA and coercing them to become assets in the anti-insurgency campaign of the AFP. In the middle of the night, they also harassed residents and ransacked houses of those they tag as NPA supporters. The two were also involved in the ambush of a hors de combat, Renter Vargas (Ka Bred), on March 2019 in Brgy. Maricalum, Sipalay City.

Meanwhile, Silas Granada, alias Nacar, was no mere civilian as claimed by the AFP. He was punished on January 28, 2023 for being a regular intelligence asset of the Philippine Army. He was, as well, a legitimate military target of the NPA.

Nacar Granada was also a land grabber in Sitio Kanyabaka and Sitio Tugas, Brgy. Pinggot, Ilog, Negros Occidental. He threatened farmers who consequently lost their farms and were forced to vacate their houses. Granada aimed to grab a 80-hectare land in Ilog.

What are evident in these two incidents? Both were legitimate military targets, the NPA made sure of the safety of civilians in the conduct of its tactical offensives, and, most of all, the people applauded the NPA for punishing fascist state forces and despotic landlords.

As clear as day, in no way can Sison and Escanillas use these two incidents to justify the massacre of noncombatants and civilians.

No justice was served after the 47th IB brutally killed five noncombatants (including a pregnant woman) and a civilian in Kabankalan City last September 21. On the contrary, it is a war crime and a great injustice committed by butchers in the AFP. It is neither honorable nor justifiable to massacre defenseless revolutionaries and civilians.

Sison can only be hallucinating if he thinks that the AFP has the moral high ground after the series of atrocities they have committed against the people and the revolution in Negros and the subsequent make-believe cover-ups. Coincidentally, the gruesome massacre occurred on the commemoration of Martial Law 51 years ago. It reflects the current martial law-like situation on the island that incites the people to join the armed struggle.

The New People’s Army in Negros will continue to wage armed revolution while strictly adhering to the Comprehensive Agreement for Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) and protocols of war. Guided by the Communist Party of the Philippines, the Red fighters follow the principle of ‘politics in command,’ that is to say, as the genuine army of the people, the NPA is bound to serve the people and their interests.###

Tabugon6 massacre: a war crime and a great injustice