Ten Filipino Revolutionaries are Immortal!


The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) announced that Ka Laan (Benito Tiamzon), Chairman of the Executive Council of the Central Committee, and Ka Bagong-Tao (Wilma Austria-Tiamzon), Secretary General, were assassinated on August 22, 2022, along with 8 fellow CPP members. We respectfully commemorate the red fighters, the 10 revolutionaries, who have a unique place in the struggles of the people of the Philippines on the path of revolution, and we convey our messages of solidarity.

The ten revolutionaries were detained by the Armed Forces of the Philippines on August 21, 2022 as they drove in two vehicles towards the coast of Catbalogan and were massacred in the following hours. Ten Filipino revolutionaries were murdered by being hit in the face with hard objects and shot. Comrades Ka Laan, Ka Bagong-tao, Ka Divino, Ka Yen, Ka Jaja, Ka Matt, Ka Ash, Ka Delfin, Ka Lupe and Ka Butig resisted torture and all cruelties for the honor of the oppressed peoples of the Philippines and the world.

The ruling classes, imperialism and its collaborators justified the murder of ten revolutionaries with a fake news report. According to the rulers, the vanguard and leading cadres of the CPP encountered, fought and killed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines while advancing at sea. However, the truth is that the bodies of the revolutionaries who were tortured to death were thrown into a boat and sailed on August 22, 2022. With the bombs planted on the boat, even the immortal remains of the revolutionaries were intended to be completely destroyed. For this reason, only the bodies of eight revolutionaries were reached. All those who are complicit in this crime will be held accountable in front of all the oppressed and peoples, especially the people of the Philippines.

The revolutionary struggle waged by the CPP is an international struggle. The revolutionary war practices of the CPP inspire the world revolutionary movement. The vanguards and leaders of the CPP who grew, developed and practiced this struggle were targeted by the Philippine state for decades. It is known that the state has deployed thousands of soldiers in the area in cooperation with imperialism. It is trying to massacre guerrillas in the vast forests, mountains, countryside and areas of the Philippines with countless air strikes and artillery shelling.

As a result of the immortalization of comrades Ka Laan, Ka Bagong-tao, the imperialist collaborator Philippine state may have achieved its goal, but they were very frustrated in destroying the party leadership of the Filipino people and the CPP. As a result of this experience, their struggle is an international movement and teaches important lessons to revolutionary movements.

Comrades Ka Laan and Ka Bagong-tao trained hundreds of cadres during their struggle for the liberation of the people of the Philippines. Now they, too, are ready both to answer for their ten comrades and to fulfill the great responsibilities of the struggle. The Central Committee, which the CPP reorganized, reorganized its leadership with all its military and political work and gave a great answer to the rulers.

The crisis of the world imperialist-capitalist system is obvious. Neo-liberalism is creating hunger and misery on the one hand, while on the other hand, wealth and luxury are increasing. The poor and working people of the world are on the streets from the Philippines to Turkey, from the Middle East to Latin America. Every day there are thousands of strikes. Every day there is a fight for revolution and socialism. Each practice of this great struggle offers experiences to the vanguard organizations of the working class, the oppressed and the peoples. The practices of war show the way. To embrace comrades Ka Laan and Ka Bagong-tao as the pioneers of this path is to embrace the struggle of the peoples of the world against the rulers. Their memory will live on!

Comrades Ka Laan and Ka Bagong-tao are immortal!

Comrades Ka Divino, Ka Yen, Ka Jaja, Ka Matt, Ka Ash, Ka Delfin, Ka Lupe and Ka Butig are immortal!

Down with imperialism!

Down with fascism!

April 25, 2023

The revolutionary military front organization in Turkey HBDH (United Revolutionary People’s Movement), among them: PKK, TKP-ML, MKP, MLKP, TIKB and others


Ten Filipino Revolutionaries are Immortal!