The Chairman of the CPP and 9 comrades are immortal!


Ka Laan, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines, and Ka Bagong-Tao, Secretary General, were martyred along with 8 comrades. The Communist Party of the Philippines announced that its leading cadres were martyred by the fascist Philippine state on August 22, 2022 through heavy torture. As the Revolutionary Communist Movement (TKŞ), we express our condolences to the Communist Party of the Philippines, the families of the 10 heroes of the world revolution and the oppressed Filipino peoples.

Like thousands of our heroes and martyrs, the 10 cadres and leaders of the Communist Party of the Philippines joined the caravan of martyrs for the rights of oppressed peoples against capitalism, imperialism and patriarchy. Just like the communist leaders Baran Serhat and Ahmet Shoreş, they dedicated their lives to the oppressed and exploited masses. Especially Ka Laan and Ka Bagong became the practice of revolution in the Philippines and Filipinos. As the communist movement, just as we transform the legacy of all the leaders of the world revolutions into our experience of the struggle of honor, we will transform the legacy of these two leaders and their comrades who have dedicated themselves to the revolutionary people’s war for 30 years into the legacy and strength of the Rojava revolution. There is a saying that is valid in the history of revolutionaries: “Revolutionaries die but revolutions last”

We have strong faith that thousands of people will not leave the weapons and dreams of our 10 comrades in the ground. We believe that the Filipino people will claim the legacy of their own children.

Today, in the conditions of imperialist globalization, capitalist and reactionary states want to save themselves from the existential crisis through massacres, war and especially through the destruction of the will of revolutionaries. But today, just as our Rojava revolution represents free life and the future of humanity against capitalism and imperialism, it also shows the peoples of the world the way to freedom, equality and women’s liberation. Today, just as our revolution was built with tens of thousands of martyrs and is still resisting, it also carries its legacy in the struggle of the peoples of the world.

Once again we bow with respect in front of Ka Laan, Ka Bagong and their 8 comrades and all the martyrs of freedom and socialism. They are the highest values of our struggle…

The Martyrs of the revolution are immortal!

Long live revolution, long live socialism!

Down with fascism and imperialism!

Revolutionary Communist Movement (TKŞ)

Revolutionary Communist Movement of Rojava

The Chairman of the CPP and 9 comrades are immortal!