The NPA will never cease to prevail

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NPA-Rizal renders useless the 2nd IDPA’s declaration of Tanay town being NPA-free. Maj, Gen, Roberto Capulong’s words are empty. He only wishes to make it as if their counter-insurgency in Rizal is ushered forward despite clear victories of the NPA against the AFP in the province these past months.

The announcement follows the recent heavy militarization and human rights abuses such as red-tagging, harassment, surveillance and intimidation of the 2nd IDPA and 80th IBPA in the area to terrorize the masses. The people will never forget the heinous Bloody Sunday Massacre of March 7, 2021 that took the lives of cousins Randy and Puroy Dela Cruz, both residents of Brgy. Sta Inez, Tanay.

These are part of the regime’s attempts in order to suppress the struggles of the people and the revolutionary movement against the destructive and oppressive Kaliwa-Kanan-Laiban Dam and other anti-people projects in Rizal that serve the interests of foreign capitalists and a handful of local ruling class.

By pushing for the Kaliwa-Kanan-Laiban Dam, the Marcos-Duterte regime puts the lives and livelihood of the people of Tanay in danger. The Kaliwa Dam will cover Daraitan in Tanay, while they attempt to revive Laiban Dam project which, since its conception during the US-Marcos dictatorship, has been repeatedly thwarted by the people and the people’s army to fight for their land.

Because of these projects, militarization and human rights violations continue and worsen. The 2nd IDPA and the 80th IBPA perpetrate red-tagging, harassment, surveillance and intimidation in the area to terrorize the masses.

So long as there is exploitation and oppression, the revolutionary movement and it’s armed wing, the NPA will never cease to prevail in Tanay and the whole of Rizal. In the struggle for their land, housing, livelihood and lives, the people know that there is no one they can truly unite with and count on to defend and fight alongside them but the NPA.###

The NPA will never cease to prevail