US soldiers joined counterinsurgency mil ops in EV


The Rodante Urtal Command exposes today the direct intervention of the US military in the combat and aerial operations of the Philippine army in Eastern Visayas.

Citing reports from local guerilla units, RUC said US military forces were seen on the field by Red fighters and the masses during the heavy military operations in Northern and Western Samar in August 2022.

“While technical, funding, training, and surveillance backing have been going on for a long time, the actual presence of military troops intervening in the civil war is an escalated form of foreign intervention, a direct insult to our sovereignty, and poses grave threat to the masses in Eastern Visayas who have been experiencing relentless bombing operations from state terrorists since 2019,” Amado Pesante, Spokesperson of RUC said.

Pesante also said the recent deployment of the 4th Special Forces Battalion in Samar island forms part of the intensifying foreign military intervention in Eastern Visayas and elsewhere in the country. The 4th SFP was said to have been trained “air to ground operations” in Australia, a US subordinate.

Pesante calls on the patriotic people to condemn these terroristic acts and blatant intervention to our domestic affairs by the US and Australian military forces.

US soldiers joined counterinsurgency mil ops in EV