Military evicts 2,000 Lu­mads, farmers


The 88th and 8th IB forcibly evicted 2,000 Lu­mads and farmers from 15 communities in Ca­bang­la­san, Bu­kid­non last June 21. The butchers labelled the communities as a “no man’s land” after a dialogue between the datus, military and local government. (Read related article in Ang Ba­yan, June 21).

After two days, the military dropped 15 bombs in the area using helicopters. The area was also shelled 11 times and was strafed using .50 caliber machine guns. The residents’ cornfields were destroyed and their farm animals were killed. The soldiers butchered and ate the remaining farm animals.

Residents were then coerced to surrender as members of the people’s army. They were also forced to undergo a 9-day military training as paramilitaries who will be used as the military’s cannon fodder in combatting Red fighters.

Last July 31, soldiers also evicted residents from Sitios of Min­dao, Mia­ray and Ka­la­ka­pan. Nearby farmlands were also shelled fifteen times.

Military evicts 2,000 Lu­mads, farmers