NPA attacks butcher battalions in Negros, Bukidnon, Masbate


The New People’s Army (NPA) mounted successive military offensives in response to the continuing reign of fascist terror of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) battalions in Negros, Bukidnon and Masbate.

The NPA-Central Negros harassed the 62nd IB in Ba­ra­ngay Quin­tin Re­mo, Moi­ses Pa­dil­la, Negros Occiden­tal on August 14. Two soldiers were wounded. The following day, the NPA fired at a detachment of the CAFGU and 62nd IB in Ba­ra­ngay T-Hill, Gui­hul­ngan, Negros Oriental.

The NPA also conducted six harassment and snipe operations in Bukidnon from June 22 until the second week of July. Three soldiers of the 88th IB at 8th IB were killed in the said operations. The offensives were mounted in Ba­ra­ngay Ca­na­ngaan in Ca­bang­la­san; ba­ra­ngays Can-a­yan and Man-a­gok, Ma­lay­ba­lay City; and at Ki­po­lot, Barangay Palacapao, and Barangay San Roque, Quezon.

The NPA-Bu­kid­non also mounted two punitive operations against the plunderous operations of a quarrying company and a despotic landlord in Va­lencia City. The NPA paralyzed a loader, dumptruck, bree­der and backhoe in Ba­ra­ngay Sinab­wa­gan and a tractor and harvester in Ba­ra­ngay Si­na­ya­wan.

In Ca­piz, a soldier of the 12th IB was killed and two others were wounded in an ambush by the NPA-Panay in Ba­ra­ngay Roo­sevelt, Ta­paz on August 9.

In Masbate, around 50 soldiers aboard four military vehicles were blasted by the NPA along the boundary of Ba­ra­ngay Ma­lin­ta and Usab, Mas­ba­te City. Four soldiers were reportedly killed, including two officials.

NPA attacks butcher battalions in Negros, Bukidnon, Masbate