Comprehensive advancement in Negros


The Regional Party Committee in Negros reported that the revolutionary movement in the island comprehensively advanced ideologically, politically and organizationally in the face of the Duterte regime’s attacks and the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the field of ideology, Party branches conducted formal discussions on the regional summing up of the Party’s 25-year experience. Three-level Party courses were also successfully launched. In Central Neg­ros, 200 Party members completed the Basic and Intermediate Party Course in 2020. Regional party cadres were also able to study the Advanced Party Course. The education campaign was conducted in line with the resolutions of the first education conference in the region which was held early last year.

In the field of organization, mass organizations were able to hold assemblies and meetings and elect their new officers. New chapters of peasant, women and youth organizations were established, Mass membership increased by 10%-15% and its hundred thousand mass base increased by 5%-10%.

In the field of politics, farmers were mobilized in agrarian revolution campaigns, and in antifeudal and antifascist struggles. Revolutionary forces conducted mass distribution of leaflets to educate the masses about the Covid-19 pandemic. Mass clinics were also conducted, the biggest of which served at least 2,000 individuals in Central Neg­ros. For the whole of 2020, the AFP incurred 75 casualties in more than 30 tactical offensives and punitive operations mounted by the NPA in the island.

Comprehensive advancement in Negros