Fight and make Duterte pay for national treachery


As time passes, Philippine freedom and rights over its seas and marine resources are diminished due to Duterte’s kowtowing to China and national treachery. It is urgent that the entire people act swiftly. With every passing day, China gains wider and tighter control, exploiting the opportunity of having the obedient Duterte in power. The people must use all forms of resistance, from diplomatic to armed, to assert the Filipino’s inherent rights.

Not only did Duterte do nothing to regain our seas, he even allowed China to erect seven military facilities, destroy our coral resources, siphon the marine wealth and deploy its armed sea and war vessels. He openly acquiesced to Chinese fishing in the West Philippine Sea and turned a blind eye to how Filipino fishermen are denied of catch and driven away from their traditional fishing grounds.

In the name of “friendship,” Duterte crumpled and set aside the decision of the International Arbitral Tribunal of July 2016 which dismissed China’s “9-dash line” claims and recognized the Philippine’s sea territory and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in line with the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Seas. He wasted the opportunity to win over the international community in defense of Philippine sovereignty against Chinese incursions.

In addition to the relentless violation of Philippine rights in the West Philippine Sea, China is one of the monsters behind the all-out plunder of the country’s mineral resources. China gouges tons of magnetite sand from coasts and under the sea and shiploads of nickel and mineral-rich soil to feed their steel industry. Big Chinese capitalists are among those to benefit from Duterte’s Executive Order 130 that opens new mining agreements that are bound to cause massive destruction to the country’s mountains, rivers and agricultural land.

In the face of China’s outright transgressions, Duterte zips his otherwise filthy mouth because he does not want to destroy what he claims is “mutual respect” between the Philippines and China. He wants Filipinos to silently accept China’s aggression reasoning that China has donated Covid-19 vaccines. In truth, the Philippines is set to buy 25 million doses of Sinovac vaccines at unclear rates.

The people are fed-up with Duterte’s repeated capitulationist “I can’t do anything” line, and his “we are doomed in a war against China” bogey. He is fooling the people to tie the country’s hands and stymie efforts to defend its rights. In truth, China may be a giant and powerful bully against small countries, but will hesitate to use armed violence against the Philippines fearing this might spark and justify the international community to come to the country’s aid and deploy large ships and weapons in China’s neighboring seas.

Duterte’s capitulationist policy renders useless the “daily protests” and declarations of “defending sovereignty” by some of his officials. He himself is the reason why no effort was done to seek the United Nation’s support for Philippine grievances. He is also the reason why most of the forces and weapons of the AFP are aimed at his political opponents instead of used to defend the sovereign seas.

Duterte’s obsequiousness to China is unacceptable to the Filipino people. It is nothing less than national treachery that he has allowed China to claim Philippine territorial seas and despoil and plunder our natural wealth. He has abandoned, in particular, the cause of Filipino fishermen. He has betrayed, in general, the national interests of the entire Philippines.

In view of Duterte’s national treachery, the entire Filipino people must unite and act before China further encroaches on our seas and natural wealth. The broadest patriotic united front must be built to defend Philippine sovereignty and patrimony. Duterte’s must be condemned, made to account, ousted and punished for his betrayal. Chinese interference in politics and the upcoming elections to help perpetuate the Duterte clique must be opposed.

The Party and all revolutionary forces are ready to unite with all who aim to defend the nation’s interest against China’s encroachment. The Party calls on the Filipino people to use different forms of action to manifest their unity and determination to take back and defend the country’s seas against China’s aggression. The people’s determination to defend the country’s sovereignty and wealth must be displayed in the streets and other avenues of struggle.

The New People’s Army must continue to intensify its tactical offensives against the state armed forces that prioritize the suppression of the patriotic and democratic forces but are useless in the face of foreign aggression. Ambushes, raids and other armed action must be mounted against AFP units that are brutal in suppressing the people, in its zealous defense of the treacherous Duterte government.

Defending the Philippine seas and resources against Chinese aggression and plunder form part of the continuing struggle of the people to resist imperialist domination and to end the Philippine neocolonial status and attain genuine national freedom.

Fight and make Duterte pay for national treachery