NPA-Negros holds studies and training amid militarization

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Two groups of fighters in Central Negros and Southwest Negros finished the Intermediate Party Course (IPC) in the middle of heigtened military operations in February. The study was held for 13 days.

Scores of members of the Party, the NPA and revolutionary mass organizations in the guerilla fronts were able to consolidate amid continuing combat operations of the 302nd and 303rd IBde in the island. With the support of the revolutionary masses, fascist enemy forces were kept blind and deaf on the presence of the people’s army in the areas the activities were held.

Red fighters in Central Negros also graduated from a week-long Basic Politico-Military Course wherein a team of new recruits joined the New People’s Army (NPA).

“It is better that we are inside the NPA because we can be armed with the knowledge of basic revolutionary principles and technique and tactics in guerilla warfare to defeat the police and AFP and all other class enemies,” said Ka Jerry, one of the Red fighters who participated in the military training crash course.

As part of their practicum after the training, fighters mounted seven armed actions in Central Negros, where three are punitive actions and four are sniping operations. These armed actions aim to weaken the fascist machinery of the enemy in the guerilla front.

Ka Jerry added that the training gave the fighters additional knowledge and courage to continue advancing the armed struggle. This further prepared the minds of the fighters in the face of relentless enemy attacks.

“We shall arm ourselves on the aspect of politico-military to vigorously face the sacrifices and difficulties as Red fighters,” he said.

NPA-Negros holds studies and training amid militarization