NPA-Masbate mounts consecutive tactical offensives

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Units of the New People’s Army (NPA)-Masbate mounted consecutive guerilla actions in the last half of March. These are part of the efforts of the people’s army to defend the Masbateño masses and dismantle the existing military rule in the province.

Not less than 20 forces of the butcher 2nd IB, CAFGU and police were killed in the four guerilla actions of Red fighters in three towns of the province.

First in its series was the coordinated guerilla actions in Barangay Locso-an, Placer and Barangay Gaid, Dimasalang on March 22. Killed in these armed actions were 10 2nd IB and police troops while not less than seven were wounded. Some of the wounded elements died eventually.

On March 24, NPA operatives bombed the CAFGU detachment in Barangay Manlut-od, Placer. The operation was mounted at 11 p.m. which surprised the enemy’s armed forces in the detachment. Four soldiers and CAFGU elements were killed. NPA operatives also destroyed three huts of the said detachment.

This was followed by a demolition operation on March 27 by the NPA in Barangay Marcella, Uson against the Task Force Sagip created by Marcos Jr. Meanwhile, the unit reported its active defense against attacking 2nd IB forces in Barangay Villahermosa, Cawayan on March 20. The commander of the attacking AFP unit was killed.

AFP violation of the international humanitarian law

Amid the peak of NPA’s guerilla actions, the AFP spread lies that the NPA attacked near a school. The lies were repeatedly echoed by Department of Education (DepEd) secretary Sara Duterte.

In truth, the firefight between the NPA and the AFP was far from civilian population and schools. But in extreme shock and fear, 2nd IB forces ran towards schools in two barangays and fired shots from within. On March 20, soldiers fired shots and launched M203 grenades near the Villahermoso National High School in Cawayan. Meanwhile on March 22, military and police troops retreated to Locso-an National High School after an encounter with the NPA. These incidents caused extreme fear to students and teachers.

The Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid (PKM) in the province mocked the operating AFP-PNP-CAFGU troops calling it “cowards” and with “shivering knees.” They use civilians, even children, as human shields to evade NPA attacks.

Meanwhile, police arrested four civilians in Cawayan town on accusations of “harboring” Red fighters in their own houses a day before the encounters. The four were charged with murder.

To further sow fear and terror in the province, the AFP poured 500 additional troops under the pretext of defending the welfare of students and teachers. These add up to the not less than five battalions of military and police which sow terror among the Masbateño masses.

According to the NPA-Masbate, the newly deployed military troops aim to protect the interests of big businesses, mining companies and ecotourism projects which are detrimental to the welfare of the Masbateños.

NPA-Masbate mounts consecutive tactical offensives