NPA ambushes 4th IB troops in Occidental Mindoro

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THE NEW People’s Army (NPA)-Mindoro ambushed the 4th IB at Lipitan, Barangay Monteclaro, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro on April 25. One of its soldiers was killed. A .45 caliber pistol with two magazines and a cell phone were confiscated from him.

They were involved in AFP intelligence operations and forced CAFGU recruitment of Hanunuo and Buhid in Rizal and San Jose towns.

Contrary to the lie peddled by the 4th IB that the NPA involves civilians in its attacks, the Red fighters ensured that the four civilians accompanying the three soldiers were not harmed.

In Bulacan, two soldiers of the 70th IB were killed in an encounter with the NPA-Bulacan at Sitio Balagbag Araw, Barangay San Isidro, San Jose del Monte on the morning of April 28. The 70th IB is a staunch protector of the interests of the ruling class family Villar, Robes and Araneta. They were involved in the violence against farmers in the Araneta family’s land grabbing campaign of the more than 700 hectares of land in the area.

NPA ambushes 4th IB troops in Occidental Mindoro