Women’s Day against charter change

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ON WOMEN’S DAY, March 8, women’s groups led by Gabriela, and various democratic organizations, marched to express their opposition to the charter change (chacha) of the Marcos Jr regime, and their demand for human rights, livelihood and sovereignty. From España Avenue, they planned to march to Mendiola but were stopped by the police at Morayta Street. They held a program in front of the Far Eastern University in Morayta.

In the program, Gabriela presented a protest art in the form of a chacha “gift” of the Marcos regime to women. Inside the box were snakes symbolizing 100% foreign ownership, more US military bases in the country, and term extensions for state officials. The box is wrapped in a US flag.

Similar actions were launched in the cities of Baguio, Calamba, Naga, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod and Davao.

Women's Day against charter change