Activists, friends and family pay tribute to Ka Rekka in UP Diliman

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At least 500 family members, friends, and associates of Kaliska Dominica Peralta (Ka Rekka) gathered at the University of the Philippines (UP)-Diliman Film Center yesterday, April 20, to pay tribute to her heroism and commemorate the meaningful life she dedicated in service of the toiling masses. Ka Rekka, a Red fighter of the New People’s Army, was extrajudicially killed by the military after being captured on April 10 in Barangay Butong, Quezon, Bukidnon.

Before the program, attendees marched inside the UP-Diliman campus to salute Ka Rekka. She is a former student of the UP-Diliman College of Mass Communication (CMC) and the local branch leader of the League of Filipino Students. She decided to join the people’s army in 2016.

Her family, friends and fellow activists in UP-Diliman gave a message in this program. They relived the times they spent with Ka Rekka and spoke of her skill, hard work and tenacity. Kabataang Makabayan expressed its respect in a message read by its member. Veteran activists Ka Satur Ocampo, Liza Maza, former UP CMC dean Dean Roland Tolentino, and several UP-Diliman teachers also attended the gathering.

Those present also called for justice for Ka Rekka and the accountability of the officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) who were involved in her extrajudicial killing. Information gathered in relation to the incident says Ka Rekka was unarmed when apprehended by military and police agents. She was taken to another part of the barangay where she was shot and killed. Three others were arrested by the AFP. Local witnesses confirm that no fighting occurred, contrary to military and police statements.

The pattern of arrests and deliberate killings of NPA revolutionaries and hors de combat is a clear violation of international humanitarian law and is considered a war crime.

The Communist Party of the Philippines has extended its condolences to the family and friends of Ka Rekka, a militant revolutionary beloved by the masses of farmers and Lumads in Mindanao.

“Despite all hardships and sacrifices, Ka Rekka struggled and gave her all. She always brought joy and enthusiasm to the NPA and the masses. Her contributions in all fields of revolutionary work will be cherished and remembered by the people forever.”

AB: Activists, friends and family pay tribute to Ka Rekka in UP Diliman