Filipino youth protest at CHED on Rizal's birthday

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Students and youth groups marched to the office of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in Quezon City on June 19, the birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal. Students from various public and private universities in Metro Manila joined the protest.

They condemned CHED for its inaction in the widespread harassment and silencing of students especially in their right to freely organize, express, dress and speak within the universities.

“As a member of the National Task Force-Elcac, CHED Chair Popoy De Vera proves that CHED is part of Marcos Jr’s order to attack students who are critical of the education crisis,” Kabataan Partylist said.

The youth planned to file a formal report related to cases of violation of their rights but they were not allowed to enter the premises on the pretext that no official was on hand to receive their complaint.

Meanwhile, the Kabataan Partylist challenged the youth to join the fight of the Filipino people for their rights. “From the example of Gat Jose Rizal, true learning can be found the youth joining up with fellow oppressed Filipinos,” the youth party added.

AB: Filipino youth protest at CHED on Rizal's birthday